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9-24 Jan’10 Rochester and San Diego

My last long trip this year was to USA in January 2010, it took me almost 30 hours after departing Bali to arrive in Rochester New York. And the different in weather so stunning, when in Bali was humid 32C in Rochester was -9 C with full of deep snow everywhere I have never seen before. I have seen snow in some parts of Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Europe, but I have never seen such a lot of snow. I was very exci

ASITA boards plan to Makassar 04-06 April

Some times ago ex ASITA Chairman, Makassar Chapter, Mr Niko Pasaka came to Bali meet with the boards of ASITA Bali Chapter. Niko has come with one news that he is appointed by The government of Makassar to be involved in the Makassar Tourism board. Al Purwa the chairman of ASITA Bali Chapter who is also involved in the Bali Tourism Board, received the message and ready to plan for a trip to look back how is the pre

The arrival of Mario and a Wedding plan

I have never believed my friends that happiness was so complete, and more time would be sacrificed when someone has a grandson or granddaughter. Mario was delivered on 12 January when we were in the could weather of Rochester. HeĀ is a doll, a remarkable face and so complete, and everyone near Mario was made happy too, so welcome Mario to this great family, you made our lives become really stunning and rewarding, t

PETS, DTTS in Jakarta, 06-07 Feb 10

PETS and DTTS in Jakarta was very interesting in comparison to the previous one. Thanks to the professionalism of AG John Soe who worked so hard in securing the venue at the AKAMI hotel with its good sound systems and nice rooms. PDG Guz Goh, the District trainer has prepared the materials far in advance and in good order. On DTTS seen: incoming Asisstant Governors Paul Getty from Medan, Dwijatmoko from Batam, Herm

Rotaract Rotary month, March 2010

This month of March is a Rotaract Rotary month, when Once the Rotaract Club Bali Kuta has to join in one meeting of Rotary Club Bali Kuta, also in reciprocal The members of Rotary Club Bali Kuta have to visit a Rotaract Club Bali Kuta meeting. Between Rotary and Rotaract Club Bali Kuta, they have very special boundary, they help each other, they love each other, they are really partners in service. You can look at