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Charity Golf Tournament RC Batam (E)

Charity Golf Tournament, RC Batam RC Batam maybe small, but look at the activities I could join for last 3 days; Thalasaemia seminar (500 students), Meeting with induction of 3 new Rotarians, orientation for YEP parents and students and Charity Golf Tournament. I know this golf course years ago, the Palm Spring. I was at my stage to be golfer maniac then, and I remember I lost a few balls here because at that time

DG Visits Part 9 Day 4 Batam (E)

Day 4  RC Batam I was wrong to look at my ticket, I was thinking my plane will depart at 06.00, meaning I have to wake up at 04.00 in the morning, but stupid me I realized the next morning that my plane is at 07.00, so I lost a very good hour of morning sleep. Brrrrrrr! But the AG Paul (Yang setia), was already on time to pick me up to drive to the airport, it was Lions airlines and it was on time. We had breakfas

DG Visits Part 9 Day 3 Medan Sudirman (E)

Day 3 Medan Sudirman Each club is unique and this club is also very unique, the number of members is small but they are doing great service. Their signature project is a clinic with 10-dialysis machine, general clinic and employing 30 blind people to give massage services. There many people have to clean their blood very often until they die and those are mostly because of their kidney failures. The three strong Ro

KCBJ Tours 27th Anniversary

30 October 2010 30 October we closed the office for one day and having fun with all staff at a relaxing place where we could dance, jokes, had games and fishing. The food was plentiful and delicious. I was counting with them; 54 staff, 54 spouses and 59 children, meaning that this office have given 167 people fixed income for living for the so many years. A few of them have worked 20 years, a few have worked for 15

DG Visits Part 9 Day 2 Medan n Medan Merdeka (E)

Day 2 RC Medan and Medan Merdeka When I visited RC Medan at a clubhouse where many Rotarians and others are operating a nice restaurant and bar to become hot spot of Medan, and I know PAG Erick Brant is one of the main shareholders. I am sure Erick has found the feeling of being home in Medan and he has no reason to go back to his own home in Germany. Most of all I wish that Erick after having some rest will come b

DG Visits Part 9 Day 1 Medan Deli (E)

DG Visits Part 9 Medan Day 1 My visits to Medan 1-5 November are very unique, yes, my friends in Medan are unique and these stories I have heard before from previous DGs who have visited them some years ago, so I have been prepared for anything to come. I already know quite a few of them and have had some communications somehow in the past, for example I know Sunardi Djaya since I tried to bring help to Aceh and Ni

Rakernas ASITA in Pontianak

Rakernas 22-24 October Pontianak is not an easy city to reach from many cities in Indonesia, even from east Borneo, people have to fly via Jakarta first. I was in Singapore on 21 Oct to see my doctor for my eye check up, and I was happy to see that my doctor was happy with the result of my operation. I had to fly from Singapore to jakarta and stayed on transit for 3 hours before I could continue my trip to Pontiana

DG Visits Part 8 Last day in Bali (E)

RC Bali Kartika, RC Bali Benoa, RC Bali Legian, RC Niti Mandala On the requests of the Presidents and the 3 AGs who are supporting them AG Sisca, AG Suastika and AG Mimi, they want to receive me together at once. Understandable, all of them are either very young clubs or clubs with very little memberships. This is what happens when your club is small, it is very hard to make your atmosphere interesting, and that is