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Beause we love you – Manila Trip

14 March 2012 Last night, I was met by my classmate Ambo Gancayo, a lawyer who was married to Dot, which is also a lawyer, his father was the Justice of the Supreme Court in the Philippines.  Today, they left for Bali to attend law seminar until March 19th  therefore they are not able to join me for golf this morning. They took us to a big and crowded Chinese restaurant called The Legend.  They reserved a VIP ro

Manila Trip

As soon as we disembarked from the plane last night, 2 beautiful girls held the name of Aloysius Purwa in their hands, exactly like what our guides at Ngurah Rai Airport did, and introduced themselves as the official airport officers assigned by PDG Jun Aniag, Discon chairman of D-3770. They assisted us in Immigration and luggage collection, then escorted us to the VIP room where Governor Corina Bautista, a colleag