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Menoleh Pariwisata Bali ( Achir 2012) (1)

Menoleh Pariwisata Indonesia dan Pariwisata Bali kedepan Oleh:  Aloysius Purwa (achir tahun 2012) Sementara ekonomi Eropa, Amerika dan berbagai belahan dunia rontok pada dua tahun belakangan ini dimulai dengan runtuhnya Lehman Brothers dan semua turunan businessnya, tidak begitu halnya dengan ekonomi China, India dan Indonesia. Kita menyaksikan bahwa ketiga Negara ini mencuat naik perekonomiannya dengan mencolok

End 2012 year Long Reflection :

A time for a long reflection end 2012, Kuta – Bali: Born in 1951, means that I am now so what 61 years old. People say that if you have passed the 60th year, you can be still there for quite sometime. Indeed by the age between 57 – 60 years, any body will feel that their health become deteriorating, after those long years of labor, many parts of the 70 trillion cells become exhausted. 2 years ago while serv


WHEN I WAKE UP THIS MORNING, A friend sent me this poem, a must read by Rotarians, and think deeply why are you a Rotarian:   Poem of the day     God has given me a place on earth to be here for a while. I hope that as I’m passing through, I’ll make somebody smile,   I want to make life easier for all those that I meet, I ask God for His blessing to the stranger on the street,   I hope I’ll n

After one year of silence , I am back again 12.12.12

A lot of happening since I finished my Governorship for D3400, my persuasions to RIPP Ray K and RIPP Kalyan Banerjee who were RIP and RIPE at the time, brought the districting into two with the help of PDG Tjetje Syamsu, history began in Indonesia that the D3400 districting into D3410 and D3420. And the work starts this 1 Jul 2012 that both districts have to work harder to fulfill its membership requirements. Both