A lot of happening since I finished my Governorship for D3400, my persuasions to RIPP Ray K and RIPP Kalyan Banerjee who were RIP and RIPE at the time, brought the districting into two with the help of PDG Tjetje Syamsu, history began in Indonesia that the D3400 districting into D3410 and D3420. And the work starts this 1 Jul 2012 that both districts have to work harder to fulfill its membership requirements. Both DG Kuhn and DG Dwi as well as the DGE Eva and DGE Imam, DGN Hanny and DGN Herman must work harder hand in hand together.

I have been appointed 2 times to be RI President Rep last year and will become RI Pres Tanaka’s Rep next April in the Phillipines. What an honor ! But my interest from now on is to help Sumba Barat Daya the area with full of points of interests, but majority is very poor, no running water and new basic hygiene.

I took my Rotary Club RC Bali Kuta and other club in Bali like Bali Taman, and many other Clubs in oregon, Australia and Japan to join help to help on some areas of focus: Water and Sanitations, Basic education and Literacy, and most important to help economy and community developments grow . I managed to give ideas and obtain supports from the friendly Government of Sumba Barat Daya, they have improved the Tambolaka airport tremendously, they improved the Waikelo Harbour and all roads around the government center, Harbour – Airport – City, and most important for us the, Beach Road Newa – Oro – Mananga Aba, Karuni, Ketewel and Karendi.

Since I first met Bupati Kornelius and Vice Bupati Yacob, a lot has changed: Now 16 flights a week instead of only 3 flights a week, Many roads are enlarged and newly built, many villages get some running water and electricity, the shops are alive and people are opening restaurants to make it easy to get meals. My Rotary Club and other clubs keep on doing help : After building SD Kalakambe, drilling water for the school and villages, building 240 Toilets, and more sanitary projects to other schools, Now we are helping SD2 Bali Loura and SD Mananga Aba at Ramadana, loura.

My Hotel and Resto building at Pantai Kita is on progress, My club members Handoko and Solechin has open a Fish BBQ Alam Hijau Resto, and start building 80 hotel rooms at the airport road. And this will be followed by 70 other businessmen who were following me to invest in Sumba Barat Daya.

Governor Frans Lebu Raya, when he put the cornerstone for my New Resort “Mario’s Hotel and Cafe” atPantai mananga Aba, said: ” I like to be present on the opening ceremonies better than on putting cornerstone, it is because on his experience 5 years after the cornerstone there is no 2, or 3 continuance stones !” it was 10-10-2010 But now we have the resort on the finishing process, and a restaurant is opened on Kita Road near the airport, and another cornerstone at Green Savannah 80 rooms is put on the Tambolaka airport road. and now is 12-12-2012, only 2 years after.

We have to thank and compliments The Bupati Kornelius and all SKPD dan his Government who made this all possible happening . Ne need a lot of people with this high speed in Sumba Barat Daya. Greetings to all of the Sumbanese.