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PP Rodhy kunjung ke Bali, Intermezzo (I)

Hari hari berselang (PP Rodhy berkunjung) Intermezzo Saya mempunyai beberapa hari di rumah sebelum saya berangkat ke Yogyakarta untuk selama 1 minggu karena saya masih berhutang 3 Club Visits dan diadakannya 3 Seminar minggu itu: RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute), Membership Seminar dan The Rotary Foundation Seminar. Saya menerima sepasang tamu dari Lampung menginap di rumah, Past President Rodhy bersama Lusia yang

Pre Christmas Days to Post New Year 1 (E)

Happenings Pre Christmas and Post New Year 2010-2011 Day 1,2,3 : Days before Christmas Day I have decided to stay put at home between these great days of the year, everyone are on holidays anyway. And for me, there is nothing more important than to be with my families right now, and my doctors advised me to do the same, take it easy and always careful with what I consume. The bad News: Coming back from Kupang, my a

KCBJ Tours 27th Anniversary

30 October 2010 30 October we closed the office for one day and having fun with all staff at a relaxing place where we could dance, jokes, had games and fishing. The food was plentiful and delicious. I was counting with them; 54 staff, 54 spouses and 59 children, meaning that this office have given 167 people fixed income for living for the so many years. A few of them have worked 20 years, a few have worked for 15

DG’s week of family gathering, Singapore (E)

A week of Family Gathering This week I have a lot of time with my grandson Mario. I think both of us have equally good times, every morning, afternoon and evening I see him, he is showing that he is so happy and excited. Mario’s father, Simon is now in Ho Chi Min City for a conference and his Aunty Barbara is in Melbourne. I will have to be in Singapore on 21 Oct for monthly check up for my eyes, and Marina is al